Hairfinity vs It Works’ Hair Skin Nails

The question that is trending on social media is “what is better, Hairfinity or Hair Skin Nails by ItWorks.”  If you were to hashtag #hairinfity on twitter, facebook or instagram there will be tons of before and after pics and a great deal of celebrities endorsing the product.  Should you do the same for Hair Skin Nails by Itworks, you  will most likely only see distributers that are trying to get you to become a member and get the product on auto-ship raving “itworks.”   I personally believe it’s too soon to tell.  We will need to wait at least three months to see if the growth of hair and strength of nails is comparable to Hairfinity.  ItWorks product is new and Hairfinity has been around for a few years with tons of youtube tutorials.  Both products are all natural. So, time will tell!

Definitely click on the link and read the ingredients, compare both products and ultimately you will need to make your own choice.  Please send us your feedback with before and after pictures!  We would love to do an update featuring you and your choice!